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Grief Syndrome Download

NOTE: As far as we of the Grief Syndrome Haven know, the game is only compatible with Windows. The game works best with Windows 7, and may encounters errors with Vista or XP. You’ll also need the latest updates to DirectX. Please correct us if we are wrong.

The easiest way to download the game is to download the Torrent file.

First off, download a Torrent file opener if you don’t have one already. FinalTorrent is a good one to use.

Second, go here to download the game file.

Then, once the file is downloaded, go into your Torrent file opener and open up the game file.

When the file is successfully opened, you’ll be led to another window. Click on the tab that says ‘setup’. Yes, the installer isn’t very readable unless you know the language, but just keep hitting the ‘Next’ button.

It installs fairly quickly. When it is finished, it should show up in your start menu and/or on your desktop within a minute or so.

After that, go here to install the 1.1 patch to the game. The patch supposedly makes the game lag a lot less. Also, it allows you to play as Moemura, the Homura from episode 10, and Kyubey. Once you’ve downloaded the patch, you can access Moemura by scrolling to Homura in Character Selection and pressing the Up arrow on your keyboard.

Kyubey is only playable if you are playing the game with more than one player (connecting up to two other keyboards to a computer, or online play) and there are not enough Magical Girls still alive to equal the number of players. Kyubey cannot cause any damage to familiars, but he has infinite lives, and can act as a distraction to familiars.

The Kyubey icon is the control options. Go to the Puella Magi Wiki page for Grief Syndrome to find out what each box means.

The Grief Seed icon is the game. If the Twilight Frontier icon appears in a few seconds, the game should start, and you can get playing!

For online play, check out the Wiki page. It is, supposedly, a complicated process. Good luck to you on that!